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Money Saver



Clemens Hölter GmbH

Am Kuckesberg 9
42781 Haan

phone: +49 (0)2129 51011
fax: +49 (0)2129 51013

email: info@no-e.de
internet: http://www.no-e.de


contact person(s):

Mr. Clemens Hölter

phone: 02129 51011
fax: 02129 51013

internet: http://www.no-e.de
email: info@no-e.de



Money Saver is a remote switch to switch off electrical devices with comfort. you place the switch where you need it.


technical significance:

additional security, long economic life-time


economic significance:

According to the German Federal Environmental Agency (UBA), more than 4 billion Euro (Dated: 2006) are wasted annually in this manner and the trend is on rise!


economical/technical purpose:

Saving Energy, additional security